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Whats my secret to perfect lipstick? My lips are sealed… with LipSense. Welcome to a site all about the magic of a no smudge, stays on your lips all day, kiss-proof lip color. Check back for my weekly updates to find out why LipSense makes perfect sense for your lips.

What is LipSense?!

You’ve heard about lipstick that claims to last ALL day… tried different brands and maybe only used them a couple times to try and get your money’s-worth out of them only to be let down time and time again. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE lipstick! It’s the one make-up item I never leave home without, well, until now. Now I can apply my LipSense Color at the beginning of the day and leave the house with only my LipSense Gloss. I can do my hair and makeup, put on LipSense, get dressed (without worrying about getting lip color on my clothes), have my morning coffee, chat with clients, eat lunch, come home and give my fawn-colored chihuahua kisses on the top of his head… and NEVER have to reapply the color on my lips or worry about leaving a mark on anything, or anyone! As a matter of fact, in June I attended a large design conference, got back to the hotel, showered and washed my hair, and to my surprise my color was still on my lips when I got out of the shower! Now if that doesn’t convince you that this is THE best lip color on the market, I don’t know what will! 🙂

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